Men, The Untold Story?

Men, The Untold Story? by Tanya Taylor

April 8, 2017

Men, The Untold Story? A play written, produced and directed by Tanya Taylor, takes place at Cité des Arts, in the Robert D. Sidman Theater, on Saturday, April 8, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $11 (including tax) in advance and $16 (including tax) at the door. Tickets can be purchased below or by calling 337-291-1122 to reserve your seat.

Meet Chance, D’wayne, Milton and Matthew who take you on a roller coaster ride of extreme emotion through their highs and lows. Women want to conquer Chance the lover, but they never can find that secret code to break him. Chance is taking everyone along for the ride in his destructive lifestyle. Even his lifetime friends Matthew, D’wayne and Milton. Men have many secrets about themselves that they disguise throughout a life time. Their emotions are suppressed time after time as they represent themselves publicly. Because of the way boys are socialized, their ability to deal with emotions has been systematically undermined. Men are taught, point-by-point, not to feel, not to cry, and not to find words to express themselves. Just because men aren’t adept at expressing their feelings, don’t for a minute think they don’t feel, and feel deeply. Many times, men express their feelings using a secret code—a code that even they can’t decipher. Men, The Untold Story takes you on and in-depth look at their love, pride, passions and fears as the story takes a tail spinning curve.

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Please refer to our ticket policy