We need your help!

Help keep the lights on and the doors open!  Support your favorite theater!

2018 will be a critical year for Cité des Arts! The rent has gone up and our funding gone down, we need a new AC unit before the summer heat arrives. There is a critical gap that will need to be filled and we need your help.

Please contribute what you can. We’ve started a Go Fund Me page, and hope you’ll spread the word, too.

We started with a whisper and a prayer, and we have continued to grow each year. We are much more than a theater – we are now recognized as an arts incubation center. And we are so thankful for all the artists – visual artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers, dancers, actors, directors and producers. We appreciate all who have mentored other artists, taught classes and shared their talents with others. And we are truly grateful for all of you who have visited exhibits, taken classes, participated in festivals here, attended shows and volunteered at Cité des Arts over the years.

Do you realize that there are over three hundred events at Cité des Arts every year? It’s true! And the miraculous aspect of this is the fact that this happens with one full-time employee, one part-time employee, and hundreds of dedicated volunteers. There was a day when we had double or triple that staff. But in recent years the budgets have shrunk drastically in organizations from which we drew our grant funding. And, our grant funding has fallen by approximately seventy-five percent (75%). Our mission is different from many of the other awesome and generous non-profits in the area, but it is just as vital: Giving local artists the opportunity and the space to hone their craft, to have their voices heard and visions shared. To keep the arts and culture alive at the grassroots level in our community.