Open Casting Call

Seeking male and female actors and actresses ages 19 and up, some with the ability to not only act but to sing and dance as well. Not everyone has to sing and/or dance, but it is a plus. Seeking people of all ethnicities.

Performance Dates: May 4th and 5th, 2018 at Cité des Arts, Lafayette, LA

PLEASE INBOX ME OR TEXT ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THIS CASTING CALL AT (337) 344-6963 for audition times, dates and location.

About the production: “Stone Soul Picnic” is an original stage play written and directed by Tanya Thomas-Taylor. A light-hearted comedy set in the 1970’s surrounding the can and the cannot of a family whose only mission seems to be working hard to destroy one another. Civil Rights has come to town and opened the door to not only freedom, but to money as well. For some life is easy and money flows like rain drops on a stormy day, but for others the struggle is real and trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents is the daily chore. In the middle of it all the Klan is watching those who have risen to power, as well as those who are so easily taken advantage of. Will the family destroy themselves from within? Or is there an outside power that influences the family’s destruction and undermines their daily existence? Whether it be those who can or the ones who cannot meet the challenges. Grandmother Ella is 103 and has seen cotton fields, horse and buggies, silent screen movies, the invention of television, the party line telephone, astronauts on the moon, the invention of washers and dryers, 78’s, 45 and 33 1/3 vinyl records to digital downloads and the cell phone. She’s been here long enough to see the first black president. She tells a tale about her life and particularly a time in the early 70’s when her family was almost destroyed, but she made it to 2018 and wants to share that time of her life with you. Several roles are open for open audition.