Streetcar Name Desire

Audition times and dates: June 10, 2 pm-4pm and June 11, 2pm-4pm

To sign up for auditions, call the LRE at 337-371-5481 or FB message us directly.

Auditions will consist of cold reads. If you have a monologue you like to share, please limit it to 1 minute.  Those auditioning are encouraged, but not required, to attend both days.

The priciple roles of Blanche, Stanely, Stella and Mitch will be non-union paid roles.

Performances will be in October 2017. We wil begin reheasals in August 2017.


Blanche DuBois (Lead): Female, 30-40
Stella’s older sister, at least 30, raised with money but now destitute, her grip on reality is far too loose, carries eternal guilt, has a way with words and possesses an alarming internal dialogue.
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Stella Kowalski (Supporting): Female, 21-28
Blanche’s younger sister, about 25 years old, left the fancy estate in Mississippi and moved to New Orleans as a teenager where she lives with her husband, Stanley, to whom she is attracted like an animal, torn between Blanche and Stanley and ultimately sides with her husband, even after Blanche accuses him of raping her.
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Stanley Kowalski (Supporting): Male, 26-30
Stella’s husband, pushing 30, lean, vibrant, radiates energy, has dirt under his nails. Unshakeable world view and sees his commonness as above Blanche’s pretensions. He hits his wife, rapes her sister, and shows no remorse.
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Harold “Mitch” Mitchell (Supporting): Male, 26-30
Stanley’s buddy from the war, work and poker. His mom is quite ill and he quickly falls for Blanche, as if she’s the eternal answer. He sweats through his awkwardness, but is sensitive and a gentleman – until he learns the truth about Blanche’s sordid past. Yet, at the end, he and Stella are the only ones who lament Blanche’s fate.
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Eunice (Supporting): Female, 23-40
Stella’s friend, upstairs neighbor, and landlady. We see the low-class life of the French Quarter through her and her husband, Steve. Eunice lets Steve beat her, yet remains affectionate. And it’s her urging that propels Stella at the end to disbelieve Blanche’s accusation against Stanley.
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Young Collector (Supporting): Male, 15-19
a teenager who comes to collect for the newspaper when Blanche is home alone. He’s just an innocent kid whom Blanche hits on, showing us how far she’ll stoop to feel power. He epitomizes the young man Blanche married so long ago, and who killed himself after she ridiculed him upon learning he is gay.
Ethnicity: Any

Steve (Supporting): Male, 32-40

Pablo (Supporting): Males & Females, 28-40

Woman of color (Supporting): Female, 26-45

Latino Woman (Supporting): Female, 22-49

Doctor (Supporting): Male, 30-64

Nurse (Supporting): Female, 30-50