Boom! Boom! Burlesque

Boom! Boom! Burlesque!! 4th Year Anniversary!

September 23rd:  7:00 pm AND 10:30 pm!

Long, long ago, in a far away land…there was a curious Bard, who set off on a quest of epic porpotions–in seach of a lay like no other– the one and only, HOLY TAIL!

Follow Phineas the Bard as he saunters his way through your favorite haunts of yore and fantasy, and you just might encounter all the wonders of Camelot, the Lady of the Lake, Robin Hood and his Merry Men, a whole lot of goddamn drama going down in Westeros (as usual), and maybe a dragon or two!

Grab the mead, slap on your best pelts, and keep your eyes peeled–Winter Is Coming!

For one night only, two show times for your pleasure:

Saturday, September 23rd – 7:00pm and 10:30pm

Ticket prices do vary, and are expected to sell out:

Premium seating: First two rows of seats in the theater $20 (including tax)

Premium seating for the 7:00 pm show is sold out!

Standard seating: $15 (including tax)

FOR ALL TICKETS PURCHASED THROUGH PAYPAL, please review Cité des Arts’ ticket policy (click here) before ordering tickets. 

Please review our ticket policy